Dogs in the News: June 2021

Posted by Billy Francis

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Similar to celebrities and political figures, pups often find themselves in the news. However, unlike their two-legged counterparts, canines usually grab headlines for all the right reasons. From highly trained hounds who can sniff out Covid-19 to a beer brand’s new Chief Tasting Officer, here’s a roundup of dogs in the news this month.

Abandoned Dog Lands Dream Job

Louisville, KY
“I like my chew toys with a tall boy.” Photo by

Earlier this year, Busch sent out the call for a Chief Tasting Officer for one of their brews. Applicants needed to be dedicated, have a passion for beer, oh and have four legs. The successful “canine-didate” would receive a $20,000 salary, pet healthcare and Busch Dog Brew to sample. After much deliberation, a panel of Busch’s finest awarded the “pawsition” to Ethan, and few could argue that there’s a more deserving dog.

Ethan was discovered abandoned outside the Kentucky Humane Society. Described as the thinnest dog that employees had ever seen, he could barely keep his head up and was given just a 50/50 chance of survival, but the heroic staff never gave up on Ethan. The new Chief Tasting Officer is now a picture of health, has found his forever home, and has definitely earned himself a cold one.

Super Canines Detect Covid in Under a Second

Milton Keynes, UK
Don’t worry - dogs will save the day again! Photo by

Enlisting the help of six helpful hounds with smelling capabilities up to 100,000 times more accurate than ours, Medical Detection Dogs, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and Durham University have combined efforts to perform a study into whether canines can sniff out Covid-19. Before the pandemic, research into detection of cancer and malaria in humans by trained pooches returned positive results. Millie, Kyp, Lexi, Marlow, Asher and Tala took around six weeks to be trained, but initial studies have shown the amazing pups can recognize the Covid-19 scent in less than a second. It’s early days and results are not conclusive, but with further studies it is hoped that dogs will one day be utilized in the fight against deadly diseases.

Disabled Rescue Dog Gets New Legs

Rupert, ID
“This guy is a leg-end.” Photo by

Timmy the Pitbull and Golden Labrador mix was born without functioning front legs and has spent his life walking on his elbows and hind legs. When he was surrendered by his former owner to animal control, Waggin’ Tails came to his rescue. The non-profit based in Rupert, ID, put the call out for $1,300 in donations to help the lovable pup get a wheeled prosthetic. The target goal was met within a week. Waggin' Tails then reached out to The Wizard of Paws, a BYUtv show in which prosthetics are made for a variety of animals. Derrick Campana, the wizard himself, agreed to help make the life-changing device. A local veterinarian sent a soft cast to his company in Virginia, and the prosthetic should be on its way back to Idaho soon. Timmy and his brother, Gizmo, are available for adoption as a “paw-fect” package deal from Waggin’ Tails.

Dog Artist Raises Money for Shelters With Her Paintings

“You’re telling me you don’t know what it is?” Photo by

Fido is always a star in our eyes, but not every pooch gets a bite at true fame. Back in 2011, Arbor was facing death due to overcrowding at a Las Vegas shelter. Fortunately, she met her “pawfect” match and was rescued. She inspired her new owners to create the non-profit No Kill Las Vegas and push for one of the largest shelters in the valley, The Animal Foundation, to go no-kill. Saving lives isn’t Arbor’s only talent, she’s also a dab paw with the paintbrush. The adorable rescue pup has raised over $14,000 for shelters across the country with her paintings, which have brought admirers from the art world and beyond. She's even attracted half a million fans on Facebook. The talented canine hit the news recently with her appearance on Netflix's Pet Stars, where she joins acting pups, surf dogs and other talented animals to meet LA pet talent agency, Pets on Q.

Dozens of Dogs Rescued From China Meat Trade

“So this is what first class looks like!” Photo by

Dedicated to "saving dogs from the slaughterhouses, meat trade, abuse, and neglect in China," China Rescue Dogs is on an important mission, but saving lives isn’t easy when the world shuts down. Covid-19 has temporarily prevented the export of dogs from China to the United States, which has forced the organization to get creative. Instead, the rescued pups are flown by the still-open route of China to Canada. As of June 1, the new Canadian office has already rescued 181 dogs, and dozens more will arrive this month. China Rescue Dogs works with many other organizations across the country to rehouse the new canine citizens in comfortable and caring homes.

Boy Raises $13,000 to Help Another Child Get a Service Dog

Cibolo, TX
BFFs. Photo by

Archer Bellucci, a 10-year-old from Cibolo, TX, suffers from a chronic bone disorder. His best friend, a trained service dog named Phish Food, comforts him in his daily fight. Archer knows firsthand that canine companionship can be life-changing if you're suffering with an illness, so when he heard about a young girl named Denise Garcia, he decided he would do everything he could to help. Denise is 12 years old and has B-cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which often leaves her feeling isolated and needing a friend. Archer helped raise $13,000 in just nine days to help Denise get her own service dog, Doc, from 4E Healing Hearts, a non-profit in Las Vegas. The two have been happily united and are fast becoming BFFs.

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