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Posted by Billy Francis

Fido’s worth every penny we spend on him, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep an eye out for ways to save cash on everything from his food and treats to his medical needs. Check out our deals of the week, updated every week throughout the year, for ways to keep your best friend safe and happy without breaking the bank.


Doggles for Your Cool Dog
“It’s sunny? I didn’t notice.” Photo by Amazon

You wouldn’t dream of chilling by the pool without a cool pair of sunglasses, so why leave your pooch’s peepers exposed to the elements? QUMY Dog Goggles offer a stylish defense against UV light, debris, and wind. “Pawfect” for pups who ride shotgun or cruise in sidecars, these dog goggles are designed to fit safely and snuggly on your hound’s head. They also feature shatter- and waterproof lenses, making them ideal for the beach or pool, too. Order a pair of QUMY Dog Goggles for your pup with this deal from Amazon.


A Safe and Comfortable Dog Crate
Comfy, cozy, cute. Photo by Chewy

Looking for a crate for your pup that is both durable and comfortable? The EliteField 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate is light and simple to assemble, making it the perfect choice for dog parents who love to travel with their four-legged companion and want him to have a safe space of his own. The three mesh doors let in plenty of sunlight and air, so your pet won’t feel claustrophobic, and the polyester fabric is easy to clean. Save $60 on this soft-sided crate and get free shipping with this deal from Chewy.


Travel Water Dispenser
"Time for a water break!" Photo by BringFido

The Messy Mutts Travel Water Dispenser is a convenient way to hydrate your thirsty pup when you’re both on the go. Simply clip the portable water dispenser to Fido’s travel bag before you hit the road. The bottle folds down into the tray for easy storage. Order yours today for just $11.99, a savings of 20%.


Ruff Guide to the United States
"This is what I call recommended reading!" Photo by BringFido

This Mother’s Day, give your favorite dog mom the gift of pet-friendly travel with the latest edition of our Ruff Guide to the United States. The book features 365 of the best places to stay and play with your pup in all 50 states. The assortment of trips, unique activities, and dog-friendly accommodations is sure to have Fido (and mom) begging for a vacation! Order your copy today for just $10 + shipping.


Harness the Power
Looking fresh and feeling secure. Photo by Chewy

Planning on switching to a harness to make walking with your dog more comfortable? You don’t need to spend a fortune. The Frisco monochromatic dog harness is an affordable alternative to expensive harnesses. Designed with soft fabric and durable webbing, your pooch will look cool and feel secure while exploring trails, parks, and more. This dog harness is available for less than $10 with this deal from Chewy.


A Birthday Box for Your Best Friend
Everything you need to celebrate your pup. Photo by BringFido

Whether it’s Fido’s birthday or Gotcha Day, give him the “pawty” he deserves with the BringFido Birthday Box. This special delivery includes a Dog Birthday Cake Kit with reusable silicone bone-shaped pan, peanut butter-flavored cake mix, icing packet, and candle. It also comes with a bag of Birthday Cake Bites dog treats and a birthday cash plush dog toy. Order yours today for just $24.99 and get free shipping with discount code GOTCHA.


Sign Up for Dog Food Subscription and Save 50% on Your First Box
"Can someone get me a pair of scissors, please." Photo by

Are you ready to sign up your pup for a dog food subscription? With Ollie, Fido will get fresh, human-grade, and vet-certified meals delivered straight to his home. Plans are tailored to your furry foodie’s age, weight, breed, activity, and any allergies or health conditions. Sign up today and get 50% off your first box, which will include a portion control scoop and “puptainer” to store the fresh-made meals, in addition to a custom feeding guide and food packs. Order your first Ollie dog food delivery here.


Learn Your Pooch’s Roots and More
“Wherever I come from, I know where I’m heading.” Photo by

If you want to know your best friend’s origins, Wisdom Panel can help. By comparing your pet’s genome with verified genetic samples, Wisdom Panel Premium DNA Test for Dogs helps decipher your pup’s ancestry from more than 350 breeds. It also tests for 200+ genetic conditions and comes with a veterinarian consultation for notable health findings, additions that aren’t included in the basic Wisdom Panel Essential Breed DNA test. Wisdom Panel Premium is on sale at Petco for $129.99.


Fido’s Favorite Travel Dog Bed
Naptime anytime, anywhere. Photo by BringFido

A portable dog bed is a travel essential for pups on the go. Beyond giving them a comfy night’s sleep wherever they are, they offer a sense of familiarity in an unfamiliar environment. Give your pup a cozy night’s rest on your next vacation with this high-quality roll-up travel dog bed.


College Gear for Your Mutt
"Let the madness begin." Photo by @pets_first_

This month, two- and four-legged fans across the country are cheering on their favorite college basketball teams. Fido can show everyone who he’s rooting for with dog gear and apparel from Pets First, which provides officially licensed dog jerseys, leashes, collars and more from the NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, and other sports leagues. Select your team and get your pup ready to hoop it up from the Pets First store on Amazon.


Keep Everything Safe in One Place
"This is what I call portion control.” Photo by

Pack up and strap in for the adventure of a lifetime with your best friend by your side. Never forget Fido’s essentials again with this Pet Travel Bag from Mobile Dog Gear. Available in two sizes, the lightweight bag has been thoughtfully designed with dog travel in mind. It features two lined carriers for food and treats, two collapsible bowls, and a placemat to prevent spills. Jetsetters will be happy to know that the bag meets most airline carry-on requirements and has a bone-shaped luggage tag just in case it gets misplaced. Save over 30% on this “pawsome” and practical travel bag on Chewy.


Fetch for Less
"We don't need you anymore." Photo by

Does your throwing arm hurt from Fido’s tennis ball obsession? Recruit the PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher to be your pup’s permanent pitcher. Depending on your dog’s size and energy levels, the launcher can be set to throw standard-sized tennis balls from 8 to 30 feet. Once he’s retrieved the ball, Fido can place it in the back of the launcher and prepare for the next fling. If your dog doesn’t know when to call it a day, the machine can be set to automatically rest after 15 minutes of play. To protect people and pets, sensors detect obstacles within 7 feet of the launch area and will wait until it’s clear to throw.The PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher is currently on sale at Amazon.


Get a Free BringFido Bumper Sticker
Show your pet-friendly pride. Photo by BringFido

If you love traveling with your dog as much as we do, and you use BringFido to find pet-friendly hotels, activities and restaurants wherever you go, we want to thank you with some free BringFido swag! This week’s deal is a free BringFido bumper sticker for your best friend’s favorite ride. Each order includes one vinyl, waterproof sticker in fetching blue. Share your love for a pet-friendlier world and don’t forget to post a pic and tag us at @bringfido! Click here to order your free bumper sticker today.


Carry Your Canine for Less
“Can I come with?” Photo by

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable soft-sided carrier to transport your best friend safely, look no further than the Sherpa Delta Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag. A great gift for any pooch looking to scratch his travel itch, your best friend can fly by your side in the original soft carrier or even cruise in the car with you, safe in the knowledge that he'll be protected if you hit any speed bumps along the way. Save more than 70% on this Sherpa bag on Chewy.


Save on Your Dog’s Dental Treats
“Delicious, good for me, and on sale??” Photo by

Like humans, a dog’s dental health is important for their overall wellbeing, especially as they get older. Regular brushing and checkups can help keep your canine’s canines in top shape. In addition, dental treats are an excellent way to introduce a daily dental care routine that Fido will love. Greenies are specially formulated soft chews that help reduce plaque, prevent tartar buildup, and keep bad doggy breath at bay. Plus, they help massage Fido’s gums. Get your pup started on his new favorite health habit and save more than 10% with this deal from Chewy.


Sign Up for Barkbox and Receive a Free Dog Bed This Valentine’s Day
“Can I be your 'pawlentine?'” Photo by Barkbox

“Chews” Fido to be your valentine with a subscription to Barkbox. Sign up this February and your furry loved one will receive the “Sweetie Pies Barkery” Box, which includes two toys modeled on baked goods and date night staples like a Chocolate Slobber Strawberry and Chompagne Flute Nosé Rosé, two treat bags, and a meaty chew. Each month, he’ll receive a totally unique and customizable box. But that’s not all he’ll find in the mailbox from his not-so-secret admirer. BarkBox is giving away a free dog bed worth up to $67 with your first BarkBox OR Super Chewer box, while supplies last. Get yours here.


Blizzard-Proof Your Pooch With This Winter Jacket
“It’s cold? I hadn’t noticed.” Photo by @doghelios_official

For pooches who love being outdoors in the winter, the Dog Helios Reflective Jacket offers extra protection against the shivers. This snowy season, fit Fido with a full-bodied jacket that’s been created to withstand extreme weather conditions. You’ll never lose your Boxer in a blizzard with the jacket’s 3M reflective lining for visibility, and the double outer shell is both wind- and waterproof to keep your best friend safe from snow and sleet. Breathable and tear-proof, it’s designed for pups to tackle tough winter sports like mountaineering. Get your canine geared up and save 10% on the Dog Helios Reflective Jacket on Chewy.


Save Over 25% on the Coolest Canine Collar
Fido can stay fit with Fi. Photo by

Fido can track his fitness goals with the Fi Series 2 GPS Tracker Smart Dog Collar. This state-of-the-art collar is more than just a fashion accessory. With GPS location and a built-in activity tracker, Fi is the “pawfect” fit for outbound hounds who love to adventure. Fi Series 2 uses GPS to track your dog’s walks, hikes, and other activities, and links with an app so you can track it all. The waterproof feature means it keeps logging data when Fido goes for a plunge. When he’s done for the day, keep an eye on his sleep schedule on the app, too. The battery life is measured in weeks rather than days, so it won’t run out of battery on longer adventures. Get the Fi Series 2 GPS Tracker Smart Dog Collar on Chewy now for 26% off the regular price.


Try Pawp for Free
"I can vouch for this place." Photo by

This January, make purchasing insurance for Fido a New Year’s resolution you actually stick to. Pawp offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional pet insurance, with 24/7 access to vets and nurses via video calls or texts and a $3,000 fund for pet emergencies. Pawp only costs $24 per month for up to six pets per membership. And you can try it free for seven days.


Microchip Your Mutt
“You’ll never lose me again!” Photo by @biewer.bulutbey

Whether he slips the leash, finds a hole in the fence or gets spooked and makes a break for it, there are lots of ways Fido can go missing. Losing a furry friend is a nightmare scenario for any pet owner, which is why microchipping your dog is so important. One of the main reasons why more than 90 percent of lost dogs find their way home again is thanks to up-to-date microchipping. It’s an easy, pain-free, and cost-effective way to locate your pup, especially with this deal by HomeAgain Microchip. Order it now and reserve an appointment with your veterinarian for installation. HomeAgain has helped reunite more than 2 million dogs with their owners.

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Banner photo by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay.